Welcome to the official website for the artist Nigel Grimmer

Nigel Grimmer is a multimedia artist currently working with sculpture and photography. His diverse art practice is united by ongoing research exploring the relationship between images created for public or personal consumption, focusing on the language of the family album. You can email Nigel at nigeldarling@hotmail.com follow him on instagram @nigel_grimmer_artist

"One to watch this year." Eyestorm

"Grimmer is good at pop pathos." Robert Clark, The Guardian

"It's the sort of art you might see if you mistakenly went back to a serial killer's house after a nightclub, mistaking him for 'a real dish'." Grace Dent, TV Times

"Grimmer's work is witty and a touch sad, needless to say, we love it." Marcelo de Santos, Attitude

"He mischievously pokes fun at mass media stereotypes" Robert Clark, The Guardian

"Sharp and Sensational... Genius" Stewart Who, Time Out