Other sites showing my work:

Axis is a database of artists, if your work gets selected for it you have access to their newsletter which contains details of exhibitions, funding and residencies. By being on their website I've made contact with different artists I used to study with and been told about a few interesting projects. Their website contains lots of interesting discourse around art practice:

Saatchi on-line gallery has my work in both the photography section and in the main art section. By being on their website I have sold work and got selected to show work in Zoo Art Fair. They show twenty of my images:

Eyestorm sell prints on paper of Roadkill Family Album; lots of people look at their site and many of the curators who have shown my work first saw it on this site, however their commission is really high and they've never shown my work in their physical gallery:

Wooloo is a gallery based in Berlin, the work on their website is regularly looked at by a number of International curators. They run a number of interesting art projects and have three small on-line exhibitions of my work:

Myspace has a profile for my project The Gay Doll Museum:

My favourite galleries to exhibit at were:

Standpoint in Hoxton Square, I had a solo show there in 2006. It's cool that such a well known gallery still selects all it's shows from an open submission process. If your work is good and you have enough stuff to fill the big space you will get a show there:

Useful and interesting people I know:

Silke Klinnert is a designer whose work I really like; she has recently designed books for Tracey Emin and Darren Almond. She is going to design the Roadkill Family Album book. Her design company is called Mr. and Mrs. Smith:

Joanna Lee is an artist and writer based in Brighton. I've known her many years and she knows my art practice very well. She is a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, and was course leader for many years.